Corporate Secretary

Henryzal M Panjaitan

Corporate Secretary

Indonesian citizen, 48 years old. Appointed as Corporate Secretary by virtue of Decree of the Board of Directors No. 003/FAP/LGL-C/IX/2020 dated September 1, 2020. Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of North Sumatra Medan in 1997 and has work experience as Company‚Äôs Corporate Manager of Accounting and Finance (2019-2020), Head of the Consolidation Department at PT Bakrie Sumatra Plantation Tbk (2014-2017), Tax Group Manager at Selular Group (2012-2014), Accounting and Taxation Manager at PT PDM Indonesia (2010-2012), Assistant Manager at KAP Purwantono, Sarwoko and Sandjaja (member of Ernst and Young International) (2002-2009), and Auditor at KAP Prasetio, Utomo & Co a member of Arthur Andersen (1997-2002).


1. Keeping abreast of developments in the capital market, particularly the prevailing laws and regulations in the capital market;


2. Provide input to the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners to comply with the provisions of laws and regulations in the Capital Market sector;


3. Assisting the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners in implementing corporate governance which includes;


  • Information disclosure to the public, including the availability of information on the Company Website;
  • Submission of reports to the Financial Services Authority on time;
  • Organizing and documenting the General Meeting of Shareholders;
  • Organizing and documenting the meetings of the Board of Directors and / or the Board of Commissioners; and
  • Implementation of company orientation programs for the Board of Directors and / or the Board of Commissioners.


4. As a liaison between the Company and shareholders, the Financial Services Authority, and other stakeholders.


5. Maintain and ensure intensive communication with investors