Management & Improvement of Human Resources

FAP Agri is committed to continuous improvement through its Human Resources (HR) program and employee engagement. For us, employees are an important asset that supports our growth and a sustainable business.


We encourage employee morale by establishing clear accountability, designing a systematic career development and management program, and providing competitive remuneration packages.

Our Approach

Employees are an important and major asset for us. Our team comes from various backgrounds, consisting of people who have integrity, commitment and enthusiasm in working to progress, grow and develop together with the Company as a result.


If you are an individual looking for challenges, exciting jobs and career opportunities, FAP Agri has a place for you.

Working at FAP Agri

In all areas of our work, connecting with and working closely with the community and the environment is a necessity. We are involved in conservation initiatives, improving community welfare through efforts in the fields of education, health, and economic empowerment. We do these efforts by involving various stakeholders, both government and non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.


Our carry our commitment by involving local communities as our human resources, increasing understanding of environmental protection, and actively carrying out community development.

FAP Learning Center

We place our people as an essential factor of our success. We aim to develop workers and make them competent and reliable in their fields.

For this reason, in 2015 we started to establish the FAP Agri Learning Center as an effort to centralize, standardize and culture our work culture which is Integrity, Commitment, and Success.


Since its inception, FAP Agri has been committed to improving its business practices and striving to be a leader in innovation and efficiency in plantation management.

The Human Resources Department Management team has carefully designed a program to support employee development at various levels and for all functions in our operations. In doing so, the Company ensures that all employees have access to development opportunities for their current and future roles, in accordance with their career development plans.