Our Approach to Sustainability Practices

For us, a business should be carried out in a sustainable way by prioritizing three main pillars: maintaining a healthy revenue to ensure continue operational productivity, adding value for communities whom we live in side by side and conserving the environment (planet) for our future generation to come.

Protected and Conserved Environment

Environmental management practices and its conservation management are some of the main focuses of FAP Agri

Reliability and Profitability

High productivity and efficient cost management are keys to a healthy company

A more Prosperous Society

Community involvement & positive impacts are the end goal of our plantation development and operations since day one

Food Factory Mindset

Environment Protection

Continous Improvement


FAP Agri updated its Sustainability Policy on October 10, 2019 after previously implementing this policy partially since 2012. This Sustainability Policy is FAP Agri’s commitment to creating responsible, competitive and environmentally sound development.


This policy is carefully formulated in connection with compliance issues at the national and global levels.

Social Development

The community around us is an integral part of our development. Community development is at the core of our social responsibility.

Environment Management

Environmental management practices must be continuously evaluated to achieve sustainable development.

Sustainability Certification

Sustainability certification indicates the successful implementation of sustainability practices done by company. We deem that certification as not just a minimum achievement but also as proof that our operational practices have been recognized and thus have full filled the standard in the Oil Palm industry.


Customer Care

We welcome all inputs, suggestions and requests related to our sustainability journey.

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