About Us


Best Palm Oil Producer

FAP Agri is a rapidly growing private company in Indonesia, sustainably managing and producing palm oil across the country.


FAP Agri first started operating in 1994 with a total plantation area of more than 110 thousand hectares. The operations of FAP Agri cover the North, East, and Riau Kalimantan, and include 9 companies (PT), 5 Palm Oil Mills (PKS) with a total capacity of more than 285 tons per hour, plus 1 Kernel Crushing Plant.


Supported by more than 8,000 employees, FAP Agri is committed to continuously improving innovation and efficiency across all its operations while maintaining a balance between the interests of business, society, and environmental conservation for a better future.

Covering over 100 hectares of plantation area
Improving the lives of 10,000 people in the community
Empowering more than 8,000 employees
Managing more than 10,000 hectares of conservation area

Vision and Mission


Becoming One of the Best Palm Oil plantation by all measures


  • Developing business with social and environmental responsibility
  • Increrasing business profitabillity¬† through effective and efficient management
  • Producing high quality and internationally recognized products
  • Developing competent personel resources

Company Values


Uphold company values and culture, Doing the right things even when no body looking, Walk the talk


Work wholeheartedly, sincerely and thoroughly, Care, Loyal and love the work and the company


Creative and innovative thinking, Continous improvement, Make it your best



  1. The start up of FAP Agri

    The first FAP Agri plantation started operation in North Kalimantan (used to be East Kalimantan)
  2. Planting of Oil Palm Seeds

    Initial planting at PT. KHL (Kabupaten Nunukan), & launching of the plasma scheme (we are one of the first companies in Indonesia to implement it). The program was aimed to local indigenous people (not transmigrated ones).
  3. Palm Oil Mill

    The Palm Oil Mill (PKS) with a capacity of 45 tons per hour was first established
  4. New Area Assessment

    All new development areas are subject to High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments.
  5. FAP Agri’s Certification

    Two of our Management Units & Mills received ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications
  6. ISPO Certification

    Two of our Management Units FAP Agri received Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification
  7. High Carbon Stock

    The entire development area (New Development) were assessed for a High Carbon Stock (High Carbon Stock) based on approved toolkit.
  8. Export Overseas

    For the first time, FAP Agri exports abroad directly from the company's special terminal in North Kalimantan
  9. Initial Public Offering

    FAP Agri launched its strategy of offering its shares to the public on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

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